No Fujis seen in 2,700 miles California/ Nevada trip

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Re: No Fujis seen in 2,700 miles California/ Nevada trip

Sjak wrote:

miles500 wrote:

When I am on my travels I like to see what other photographers are using. I have just completed a 3 week trip to N California and Nevada inclusing Death Valley and LAs Vegas and I was surprised how few serious cameras I saw - a sprinking of Canonikons but not a single Fuji.

I've seen some Fuji's during travel and also in my hometown. The only time I've seen another Leica M locally was when selling a few lenses. I've never seen another digital Pentax-user besides my mirror image. So not everything is hopeless for Fuji-users

In the main people were using their phones which seem mainly to be used for selfies or shots of family members against whatever landscape. Very few people seemed to be interested in the landscapes themselves and I can not fathom why people would want to return home with the same grinning face peering out from and obscuring the attraction that they had presumably come to see!

It's the me-me-me-generation. Screw the beautiful scenery, it only distracts from the selfie

I saw one recently but not being familiar with Pentax wasn’t sure if it was film or digital. Didn’t see any Fuji’s on a recent vacation.

it still baffles me when I see people taking photos with their iPad though...

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