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smithaa02 wrote:

I appreciate the review. Despite being critical, it is well thought out and written.

Hi, thanks for your thoughtful response/rebuttal.

For landscape shooting, zoom isn't that important. But for almost everything else it is...wildlife, portrait, sports, macro, etc... A key element to many photos is "filling the frame" and excluding non-important edge elements. Zoom allows us to do that. It also provided "background compression" which makes subjects more dramatic and provides for more background detail.

I take your points about the zoom. You're right that the zoom range offers a lot of possibilities, even beyond obvious FoV flexibility. With my style of shooting, I'm more willing to sacrifice zoom, but even I really appreciate the range. It's my second favorite thing about the camera, after its "tough" designation. That's where my love sort of ends, though.

There are other issues with a larger sensor. They will be more expensive, have worse DOF, have inferior focus, worse frame rates and can cook when shooting high frame rate video. For us macro shooters, a one inch sensor for the TG series would spell big problems.

It's not clear to me why a larger sensor would invite all the problems you listed. I'll trust that macro photography is easier with the smaller sensor - it must be, given how the TG really excels in this area. And alas, here is where I have to admit that this camera simply isn't designed for my needs. Since I don't really shoot macro/detail work, this integral feature is lost on me.

Users of the DC2000 have observed a 2-3 second delay between images which can be up to 4-5 seconds when shooting raw. From the sample images I've seen of the DC2000, the dynamic range and brightness haven't seem that great.

Yes, I've heard similar about the DC2000 shooting delay, which scares me off. But I do wonder if I could actually stomach it... maybe. It might actually slow me down, which suits my style. The IQ issues are less forgivable. The pictures you show offer an interesting comparison.. I suppose I'd have to say they're inconclusive. But the point seems clear: the DC2000 IQ advantage definitely isn't obvious.

It's been my observation that TG-5 images seem a bit softer and over-exposed compared to TG-6 images. results should be obtainable. By chance can you share the camera settings you use? The post processing techniques you use?

Well, I shot probably 75% RAW 25% JPG. Mostly shot in Program mode, mostly at ISO 100. I might have fiddled with Aperture priority a bit, and auto a bit. I mislabeled my captions - the f-stop fluctuated drastically, as did shutter speed. For post processing in Lightroom, I corrected geometry, sharpened and de-noised details, used the dehaze slider more than usual (in the positive direction), and added contrast. I also adjusted color a lot, sometimes adding blue, sometimes yellow. Generally the originals were too green for me.

I am happy to have almost 200 keepers (over five days and thousands of shots) - definitely worthwhile to capture images I otherwise would've been without. But I can't help but wonder if there's a better way for me, personally.

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