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I have a TG-4, along with several other small sensor cameras, some tough, some are what is termed 'travel compacts'.     I started digital photography with a small sensor camera.    From the outset I have always processed the photographs I intend to print via PSE.     For me, a photograph is not finished until it has been processed in PSE.    It is at that point that I assess the quality of the image.   I have found that if I do my part properly with the camera  (which includes working within the design limitations of the camera) and in post-processing, I can make extremely high quality prints up to 11X14".    I have read a number of threads where other posters have achieved these same results.    But I also recall one post in which the respondent made the declaration that small sensors are no good for anything over 4X6".     So there is an individual YMMV factor, which arguably could be related to skill level.

I was almost a year into digital photography before I got a camera with a larger sensor, so small sensors are where I initially started to learn the craft.    It did not take long using the method above for me to realize that I was getting print results far beyond that which I achieved with 35mm film.    I left film completely due to my experience with small sensors.

For the type of photography I do, and the types of photographs I want to take, I need maximum depth of field.   I do not have any interest in bokeh.    My impression of small sensors in high quality cameras is one of amazement, given the sensor size and consequent camera size.    Subjectively I think small sensors/cameras often punch above their weight.     OTOH there are circumstances that dictate I use a larger sensor system, so it becomes a matter of different horses for different courses.   I do find that images from larger sensors generally necessitate less post processing.

None of this is to say I would not be interested in a larger sensor tough camera because I most certainly would be.    But that would require a considerable investment in engineering and I doubt that the economies of scale are there to yield the level of profit such an investment would require.

So unless or until this happens I am very satisfied with my TG-4 and other small sensor cameras.

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