Using the crop feature, before taking a many megapixels are lost?

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so I was wrong

Olifaunt wrote:

rondom wrote:

I checked this in a "Ricoh blind" DNG viewer which is based on dcraw.

for 35mm crop:

3952 x 2624 Pixels (10.37 MPixels) (3:2)

for 47mm crop:

2928 x 1952 Pixels (5.72 MPixels) (3:2)

In crop mode **GR throws away unused data from sensor**

I don't think it throws away unused data.

Here is a GRii DNG taken with 35mm crop option:

In DxO Photolab this DNG displays the 4928x3264 uncropped image and the full uncropped image is available for editing, even though the attached JPEG (part of the DNG format) that will be displayed by many viewers (including the dropbox viewer) is cropped to 3936x2608.

thank you for sharing!

I don't have DXO photolab to check it,nor Lightroom to check the plugin shared below.

Thanks for correcting!

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