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I appreciate the review. Despite being critical, it is well thought out and written.

Keithpictures wrote: I read over and over again: why doesn't Olympus put a larger sensor in one of these? I'll reiterate it again: WHY NOT?? Ok, it might make the camera larger. That's totally fine with me, so long as it can still fit into a pocket. The zoom range would be sacrificed. Go ahead! (Though obviously the Sony RX100 series can do plenty with a 1" sensor and zoom range, and it's tiny. How much bigger would total weatherproofing make it??) Make a TG model with a 1" sensor, limit our zoom range to 24-35, or 28-50, lose the macro mode. I'd love that camera. ...I guess I'll hold onto the TG-5 for my next beach vacation, in four months or so. I suppose I do make it to the beach often enough to justify it. Or maybe I’ll put it on eBay and try out a Sealife DC2000.

For landscape shooting, zoom isn't that important. But for almost everything else it is...wildlife, portrait, sports, macro, etc... A key element to many photos is "filling the frame" and excluding non-important edge elements. Zoom allows us to do that. It also provided "background compression" which makes subjects more dramatic and provides for more background detail. For some users, they would be fine with a fixed lens waterproof...but personally I would love to see actually more zoom.

There are other issues with a larger sensor. They will be more expensive, have worse DOF, have inferior focus, worse frame rates and can cook when shooting high frame rate video.  For us macro shooters, a one inch sensor for the TG series would spell big problems.

Users of the DC2000 have observed a 2-3 second delay between images which can be up to 4-5 seconds when shooting raw. From the sample images I've seen of the DC2000, the dynamic range and brightness haven't seem that great.

There aren't too many direct comparisons...but here are some sample images.


TG-6 (a close relative to the TG-5)


TG-5 (over-exposed & user error...but in good light, some landscapes seem better with the DC2000)

Keithpictures wrote: I'm happy with some images from it, but many are cloudy, soft, with less than ideal color science. Even with post-processing on the DNG files, I’m left wondering if that’s all there is.

It's been my observation that TG-5 images seem a bit softer and over-exposed compared to TG-6 images. results should be obtainable.  By chance can you share the camera settings you use?  The post processing techniques you use?

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