Using the crop feature, before taking a many megapixels are lost?

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Also, no pixels are lost, since the raw file has the full uncropped image; only the jpegs are cropped. (Speaking for GRii.)

I’m pretty much sure that’s incorrect. I’ll need to check this tomorrow.

DNGs definitely cropped on my GR2.

The viewers/editors may only show the cropped picture. I have heard of the mentioned plugin, but not that it works for Ricoh...??

I checked this in a "Ricoh blind" DNG viewer which is based on dcraw.

for 35mm crop:

3952 x 2624 Pixels (10.37 MPixels) (3:2)

for 47mm crop:

2928 x 1952 Pixels (5.72 MPixels) (3:2)

In crop mode **GR throws away unused data from sensor**

This makes sense. A Raw shooter who prefers to use the cropped mode should not waste time trying to crop the image. The same principle applies if you want to shoot in a different aspect ratio: Square, 4:3 etc. That's also cropping and the camera behaves in the same manner.

Thank you TN. That’s how I remembered as well.

I see 16MP being up to 23MB and 5.6MP up to 18MB. Just the few I have on my phone. The difference should be bigger unless the compression used are different. In general the cropped pictures file sizes are smaller though. More data (or the plugin) needed for a conclusion.

DNG is lossless compressed data. Depending on the complexity of the scene you will get different size files.

By the way, Ricoh embeds a "full size" jpeg within the raw file. Once again, DNG and jpeg files are equal in pixel dimensions.

Also: I am aware of *lens profiles* for specific cameras- but image size is not part of a camera profile.

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