Help with broken 16-50 f2-2.8

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Re: Help with broken 16-50 f2-2.8

tecnoworld wrote:

Hello, let me report on my issue.

I had the flat cable ordered and soldered. Then I mounted the lens back works flawlessly! That's great, I know, but:

  1. I noticed that 2 of the 4 screws keeping the lens sealed are sort of "stripped" in the sense that they will turn forever. This is really bad since I'm afraid that the lens can open up again, breaking the cable.
  2. The rear part of the barrel (which attaches to the front part, that's part #23 on the diagram posted by Otto) is simply "plugged" into, without any glue or adhesive tape. As the previous point, this is something that sets me afraid that the barrel can open again.

Hence, I'm hare again to ask for your (precious) help. How can I solve the above issues and make my lens as solid as it used to be?

Thanks in advance.

Well the quick and simple way to repair it is to put a tiny drop of super glue onto where the thread part of the little screw was, and to replace the screw into its place. Allow the glue time to cure, and it should be right for you to handle again. If you ever need to remove the screws again, they can easily be removed by breaking the seal of the super glue by turning the screw with the correct tool. But importantly for you, the screws will not simply fall out of their position. Just be careful to not put too much of the glue on the little screw or you may get the stuff dripping off and adhering to places on the lens that you don't wish it to be. Don't forget to test the repair before taking the lens outside. If the screws are falling out, before you use the super glue, After the glue has cured, turn your lens upside down over a table/desk with a cloth on, to help to prevent the screw bouncing and getting lost, and shake it, or tap the lens gently on the table to see if the either, or both of the screws dislodge. In not, you should be good to go. Good luck.

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Have a good day.
Regards, Allan.

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