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Re: Z DXOmark score question

James Stirling wrote:

That is not what we are discussing the premise was that because the same lens had higher resolution on higher mp cameras made DXO and I quote "a clown show" .When in fact it is giving results one would logically expect. I find with DXO the best bet is to ignore the overall score thing as it is arrived to using some mythological weighting system. However if you delve in to the detailed results for a given lens you can find useful data.

As mentioned above by Roger Cicala I find that their field map test gives a good idea of the across the frame results . Their main weakness and one shared with the vast majority of review sites is that they are testing only one copy of a lens. Roger's excellent reviews serve us all very well here as they have the luxury of access to multiple copies of a lens. If I am interested in a lens I read as many different reviews as possible to give a broader view of the capabilities of a lens. Then I check with my wife if it is OK to buy it

Well said Jim.

Hope DXOmark did pick the "Right" one(s) to test, otherwise I just ignore the systematic error and get whatever I am interested.

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