anyone using the 28-70 f2 as a regular lens ?

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Re: anyone using the 28-70 f2 as a regular lens ?

I've had one for around 4 weeks now. Was an impulse buy but no regrets at all. Yes, it is a heavy beast but then you are getting 4 fast primes in one lens. Super sharp, virtually no CA or distortion. Great for landscapes, street and general photography. The bokeh is buttery smooth. It's nice not to need to change lenses when you want to do some portraits. In fact, I don't use my EF 85 1.2L much now and will probably sell it.

One thing to note, if you do video, the internal mic will pick up the AF sound. It's got a kinda clickety sound. It's soft but discernible. Maybe Canon could do a firmware update to get rid of that sound in video mode. The other thing is 95mm filters are expensive!

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