Recommendation for a great photo printer ?

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Canon Pixma iP8720

I had been using the Canon i9900 for several years until is died.  I liked the output, but fading was an issue and the 8 tiny ink cartridges were always running out and were expensive to replace.  I seriously considered going with the Pro 100 or Pro 10.  At the time of purchase, the rebates on the Pro 100 meant it was actually cheaper than the iP8720.  Prints from the iP8720 have been every bit as good as what I was getting from the i9900.  However, Canon has significantly improved their ink formulas and the fading I was getting with the i9900 is no longer an issue with the iP8720.  With only 6 colors and the larger "XL" cartridges, I am also spending far less on ink than i did in the past.

If you are printing professionally and intend to sell your prints, go with one of the pigment based printers.  If you are only printing for your own enjoyment, then I would recommend going with one of the simpler dye based printers for simplicity and lower operating costs.

I still have nice looking prints on my wall done years ago with a 4 color inkjet printer.  I am starting to think the 8, 10, 12 or whatever extreme number of color cartridge printers are really just there to reduce the size of individual cartridges and sell even more ink.

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