a7R IV Auto-HDR menu missing

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Re: a7R IV Auto-HDR menu missing

Yes, auto hdr is a jpeg only feature and no, I do not agree that editing jpeg images for this application is difficult. Quite easy actually.

So, I just took 3 bracketed hdr shots at my home and dumped them into HDR merge 5.0. Ithen took 1 auto hdr image of the same scene. I processed the hdr merge images into 1 image and then, I did further edits of each image in lightroom to further enhance the final look of what is generally seen in real estate photography. Both images are below. Care to take a guess which on started the final edit from an auto hdr image and which started from 3 RAW images processed first by hdr merge 5.0. I will say this..... it appears in my eyes that the final result is possible both ways but I can also tell you that the work flow in all aspects was much easier, faster and fewer adjustments using the auto hdr image right out of the camera

Nothing here that may look a little different could not be adjusted in lighroom in my opinion. I will tell you which is which if a few people take a guess. I might learn something myself and am willing to do so....... have at it

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