EM5 MKIII- connecting the dots

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EM5 MKIII- connecting the dots

I think at this point connecting the dots from 43rumors and expectations, here's what the EM5 MKIII will be

- EM1 MKII sensor with pdaf

- New Turbo Pic- god knows how many cores but amount of cores do not necessarily go with the absolute power at all of the chip depending on what hardware assist it has. The important thing is that it will probably have more power than the Em1 MKII's.

- Better S-AF than EM1MKII (due to new processor)

- Equal or better C-AF than EM1MKII (due to new processor)

- Lighter, but probably not smaller.

- Slightly improved jpeg quality (due to new processor)

- RAW's similar to EM1 MKII

- Battery life will probably take a 50shots to 100 shots CIPA rated hit from EM5.

- Will use EPL9's thinner battery

- 4k goodness, maybe even with some filter/log options/mic options.

- Similar but maybe slightly increased buffer for continuous shooting from EM5 mKII, but not as much as EM1 MKII (keeps price down, differentiates line).

Maybes, but seems likely as a possibility

- May get pro shot option of EM1 MKII but with a reduced buffer & frame rate (15-20 fps).

- May not shoot as fast as Em1MKII (keeps price down, differentiates line).

- High res tripod shots like EM1X (not handheld, but 80 MP).

- External studio strobe flash socket will be gone (reduces cost, contributes to lighter weight).

- May not get a portrait-battery grip option - differentiates line, reduces cost, improves weather sealing reliability. I would expect a regular extra grip option.

- May get tilt lcd (reduces weight, increases reliability).

- Faster refresh EVF

- Maybe OLED like the PenF but could be the LCD we have seen around for a while.

I am not expecting a higher res (by a notable margin) of the LCD or EVF at this point.

- Maybe improved IBIS by 0.5 to 1 stop (would make 5.5 to 6.0)

- Probably not hand held super res

Summary in a two sentences

"The smaller, lighter, 'Turbo' EM1 MKII the m43rds market wanted. A fast zippy portable lightweight robust companion as your 2nd cam to bigger mirrorless or SLR's"

I think this is ok depending on price. At USD $1,500 it would be suicide. I still think it could be maybe $1099, given it is weather sealed and should be pretty fast- to be discounted some $100-$150 USD with offers and what nots. At $899 USD it would be a "take my money" but this means either the OMD Em10 IV would move down in price or be eliminated and the EM5 becomes the new low to mid end.

If Olympus could start re-issuing their small primes as weather sealed, pack in the 25 mm F1.8 weather sealed with it as an option- that would be pretty nice.

Price is the determinant here.

Proposition vs Fuji's

vs X-E3 - articulated LCD, weather sealing, IBIS, AF as fast or faster. Wider range of cheaper lens options.

vs XT30 - weather sealing, IBIS, AF as fast or faster. Wider range of cheaper lens options, smaller.

vs X-H1 - comparable 4k video, comparable IBIS, but smaller body (much smaller) and lighter. X-H1 right now barring size & weight is a good deal for the going price though. Better video capabilities per size ratio.

Olympus again, would do well to re-release the little primes weather sealed because Fuji has those and the X-H1 is weather sealed.

Proposition vs Sony's

vs A6100 - maybe better EVF, better lens selection for the smaller body, IBIS, AF close to A6100 in speed and capability, weather sealing

vs A6500 - better IBIS, better lens selection for smaller body, AF close to A6500 in speed & capability

vs A6600- same as A6500 but add a price advantage (assuming $1000-$1200 USD MSRP for the EM5 mKiii)

Proposition vs Canon EOSM6ii

- equal or better AF in speed for stills, but probably not for video

- far better native to system lens options/selection for the smaller body (means smaller size, weight)

- Fairly close or equal ISO & DR. Also Canon has an AA filter and almost none of the native lenses can deal with the 32 MP resolution, so it's wasted resolution on most of its lenses. These two things bridge the resolution gap considerably,.

- Weather sealing & IBIS

- (to me) Better JPEG engine.

Proposition vs Nikon

Nikon simply doesn't have anything in this space at the moment that can compete overall, except something like the D7xxx DSLR line, but that's bigger, heavier, etc.

Proposition vs Canon entry level FF R

The entry R is interesting and has actually a relatively small size, but until Canon makes more affordable lenses to match, other than the impulse purchase or not well researched purchase (which unfortunately can be many), I think the EM5 MKiii would keep an advantage overall. Not for all uses but overall or at least as viable alternative for many.

Proposition vs Pentax Q

er.. what? :-). I still love that little guy

This is of course my opinion. It may not be the same one as yours - and that's ok.

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