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John Sheehy wrote:

macwintux wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Try hand-holding 800mm of glass with APS-C and looking at the LCD;

How many people use "800mm of glass" with such a camera?

How many people use "800mm of glass" at all?

A lot less than could be.

Do you realize how good IS is on many new telephoto lenses?

When I look through the OVF with my 400/4DO II, 2xIII, and my 7D2 or 90D, the view is rock steady. Most of the "deletes" come from mis-focus, or too low of a shutter speed for the subject's level of activity at that magnification. Some spot along the ground or in the leaves will be sharp at 100%.

Speaking of mis-focus, in my limited experience of just a couple hours with the 90D and "800/8DO II", the spot and single-point focus at f/8 in OVF mode seems to hunt a lot less than my 7D2 when scene depth is complex and varied near the focus point. I was able to focus on thin branches with lots of branches and leaves in the background much more reliably than with the 7D2. That's in one-shot AF mode; I didn't try AIServo

That's good to hear!

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