Sunny day walkaround comparisons - 30X travel camera vs 10X MFT vs 10X FF

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DeathArrow wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:

DeathArrow wrote:

gardenersassistant wrote:


It seems that I could often get better results with the larger sensor cameras with their 10x zoom lenses than with the TZ90 I currently use as my walkaround camera

That's not the proper way to use a camera if IQ does matter. If it doesn't matter, you can shoot with anything.

I'm afraid I don't understand this. What is not proper about using a larger sensor camera to get better results (i.e. IQ matters to me)?

Or it isn't proper to use a full frame camera for walkaround?

Or it isn't proper to use a 10X zoom on a full frame camera?

Or it is not proper to use a superzoom camera if IQ matters?

Or something else that I've missed?

I thought it is obvious. Using a very long zoom range would degrade the IQ by a large amount.

Yes it does degrade IQ. Does that make it improper to use it? I think it depends on the trade-offs. Here are mine, taken from this post above:

gardenersassistant wrote:

I don't change lenses (much, or at all), hence the use of the 10X zoom that others have argued, with some justification, wastes the potential of a larger sensor. It does waste some of it, but for my purposes it leaves enough to still give the FF advantages in image quality (in some circumstances).

It may not be a trade-off that you would find worthwhile, but I can't see that that makes it improper for anyone else.

It's a bit like the argument that it is improper to use minimum aperture because of the considerable softening effects of diffraction. That too is a matter of trade-offs.

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