Fastest AF lens of these is...

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arty H Senior Member • Posts: 1,499
Re: Fastest AF lens of these is...

My lenses with fastest AF include the Canon 85F1.8 and the Canon 35F2IS. The 50 STM is not very fast, and may miss an occasional shot in low light. Try what you have and see what works.

The 24-105F4IS has fast AF, but there is more to getting a sharp shot than AF speed. If a target is moving, aperture matters, as small movements can be a problem with shallow depth of field. Motion of the cat requires a higher shutter speed. Flash solves these problems, but you don’t want to train the cat to avoid you when you have a camera. I would not use flash, but if you do, try using bounce flash with the flash pointing behind you onto a wall. This way, you won’t blind the kitty.

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