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SafariBob wrote:

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that’s not really true. The pixels in a screen have a sub pixel for each color. The camera does not. Hence a 4K display, which is 8mpx is equivalent to a 32mpx photo. Typically, to generate one high quality pixel you need 4, this is why high quality 1080p is supersampled from 4K. This basically implies that a super high quality 4K image needs up to 144mpx.

A 4k wide image at 3:2 isn't 8MP.

I am talking about a 4K image, not “4K wide”

The calculation you are making is the required camera resolution. The camera resolution is cropped for a 16:9 screen. You need to take that into account.

as you say, that’s bizarre. Let’s do the math.

3:2, 4K wide. = 4096 * 4096 * 2/3 = 11.1mpx full colour = 44 camera mpx.

so in order to fill a 4K display with information at each sub pixel you need 44mpx

This is incorrect. And why you are out by a clear factor of 4.
You need ONE pixel per screen "pixel". That pixel is then displayed as subpixels based on the image single pixel's RGB data. 
You CAN NOT address each subpixel as you suggest with "more than 4K". 

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