First few pictures from my SONY A7RIV

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Re: First few pictures from my SONY A7RIV

mujana wrote:

Khun_K wrote:

mujana wrote:

Thank you for this post! Nice images. I especially like the first portrait! Prefer shooting these kind of moody portraits myself.

Khun_K wrote:

I have been using SONY A7 series since original A&R, then A7RII, A7S2, A7RII, A9 and now the A7RIV. The latest A7RIV continue to trend of further refinements on all aspects of the camera operation and image quality.

The AF improved over A7RIII is impressive, focus in dark environment quite well without needing the focusing aide light and accurate.

Remarkable how experience/opinions differ...I just read a review in another thread here, that said: " ....AF also has trouble locking on in low light...." (about the A7RIV). Maybe different settings??

Good to read , that our experiences with the AF from the A7RIV are so positive!

Thanks, my approach to the camera is that it is a tool and the user needs to do their part as well. I have been using SONY E -mount cameras since NEX 7, then A7R, A7RII, A7RII, A9 and now the A7R IV so I am experienced with the system. The camera cannot shoot the picture for the photographer and this latest A7R IV is as close to A9 and faultless in AF as possible. But still, the photographer needs to know what he is doing. The point is to use the camera to shoot pictures instead of trying to find what is wrong with the focus. The first picture is in a rather dark situation which I was using 1/15s and it focused with absolutely no problem, focused right to the eye. And I almost never use the focusing aide on the camera because it shoots a light beam that is annoying.

Handheld or tripod?


I think that you can disable that lightbeam (menu)

yes, I turned it off on all of my cameras, it is annoying.

Overall color rendering from uncompressed RAW developed from Capture One Pro also improve over A7RIII, IMHO. Ergonomic is something will bother me so I have no comment on the enlarged handle, it seemed fine, but I have my A7RIII & A9 fitted with RRS L Plate that works well with how I shoot. I don't have L plate for my A7RIV yet but will get one when the RRS finally ship and assuming it will be good.

Coming from generations of SONY A7 series cameras so I am very accustomed to the camera menu system and actually I quite like the way it is on my A7RIII and A9, so it takes me only a few minutes for all the custom setting on the A7RIV. I find the camera menu system quite good, and customization also good, in fact, I prefer it over my Fujifilm GFX50R and GFX100 or Nikon D850.

What about IQ....compared to these cameras?

IQ is a combination of sharpness and color rendering and tonal separations and A7R IV is the best SONY at the moment, IMHO. I also use Fujifilm GFX100 which has the sensor of same pixel pitch so I am familiar with the result, and what to expect, and A7R IV did just that.

Will do a more complete review over the next few days after more shots, but my first run with A7R4 with about 1,050 exposures - uncompressed raw on 2SONY SDXCII G 128GB

Looking forward to this! I might buy an A7RIV this week.

cards with still 68% power left on a fully-charged 2-years old battery is very impressive!

By the way...and of topic....I keep being stunned by your gear list...(as I said before)

They are just tools piled up over the years, more or fewer cameras and lenses do not impact anything in photography.

I know....but still impressed by the sheer number of cameras/lenses (and also the different brands you are using).

Not the best thing to do for photography, but I have curiosity not only as a photographer but also an industrial designer, I like to use and learn them.

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