A7iii vs A7Riii

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Re: A7iii vs A7Riii

that’s not really true. The pixels in a screen have a sub pixel for each color. The camera does not. Hence a 4K display, which is 8mpx is equivalent to a 32mpx photo. Typically, to generate one high quality pixel you need 4, this is why high quality 1080p is supersampled from 4K. This basically implies that a super high quality 4K image needs up to 144mpx.

A 4k wide image at 3:2 isn't 8MP.

Then your x4 maths is applied once correctly but for an incorrect reason (subpixels of a display only need one image pixel) and then incorrectly for presumably Bayer vs full RGB per pixel. Your result of '144mpx' value is bizarre.

We know Bayer does a lot better than 1/4 of the pixel count so the factor of 4 is dubious.

The A7III will make superb 4K images, should go without saying. I've got both the 24MP and 42MP sensors.

Cheers, Andrew

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