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Re: Newbie off camera flash advice

When I want to light the background and environment around the subjecttugwilson wrote:

I have a TT350F and it's my least favourite Godox product. It's an adequate on camera flash but it's not a nice trigger. The wireless power is lower than a dedicated trigger like the XPro. the firmware is buggy (I can't get HSS to work on a TT600, for example). Godox have never updated the firmware from the first version which is unusual as they generally release a second version soon after release to fix the problems that people have found in the field (edited to add - there was an update but it didn't fix my HSS problem).

However, It should be adequate for your intended use - be aware that if you do run into problems it may be caused by the TT350F.

As far as I can see you have four options for an off camera light before things get too expensive. In increasing order of price they are:

TT600 + S-Type bracket This gives you manual off camera flash with the ability to use Bowens mount modifiers or an umbrella. You don't get TTL. In theory you get HSS but I can't get it to work with my TT350F as a trigger.

TT865F + S-Type bracket Basically this is a TT600 with the addition of a Fuji specific shoe and TTL support.

MS300 Mains only light. About 4 times as powerful as the speedlights above. No HSS or TTL. Reasonably fast recycle time (~1.2 seconds at full power) You could save £7 by buying the 200Ws version but I don't see why you would. You can use Bowens mount modifiers with no extra equipment but you really need a reflector if you want to use an umbrella.

AD200 + S-Type bracket If you are in the UK I very strongly recommend you buy it from Pixapro rather than from a vendor on Amazon. It's no more expensive and you get local support. About 3 times as powerful as the speedlights. Needs a reflector if you want to use an umbrella. Rechargeable battery and lots of pops from a single charge. OK recycle time (~2 seconds at full power). The replaceable head is really nice. You can add the round head and the extension head which makes it a very flexible system.

Whilst I love the AD200 I'm not sure it's worth the money for your use.

Don't buy the cheapest stand you can find you will regret it very quickly. Pixapro do decent quality, inexpensive stands they also do some decent collapsable softboxes.

Now, umbrellas! If you are going to use one in your home than you may hit problems. Shoot through umbrellas scatter light in all directions. In a studio this generally isn't much of a problem but in a small room it can be. The light will bounce of walls and ceiling and pick up any colour from the decorations. Reflective umbrellas don't have so much of a problem but they are still hard to control the light. A softbox gives you lots more control especially if you have a grid on it.

Nice post tugwilson. Lots of very good information. The OP should read study this, not just give it a quick read.

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