Recommendation for a great photo printer ?

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Re: I use a Canon Pro-100

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Do give the Canon IP8720 a look see, it’s a pro level photo printer. It has 9600 x 2400 maximum color dpi resolution, costs and weighs less than the Pro-100. Here’s a great review of it here:

And a little tip, no matter what printer you buy make sure you buy a monitor color calibrator for your computer. I wasted a lot of paper and ink trying to get the prints to match what I was seeing on my monitor. I use the Datacolor Spyder5 Pro. Now the prints match what I see on the monitor after I post process in Lightroom.

I have the Apple 5K iMac . I still need a color calibrator?

Yes. All printing and design companies calibrate their monitors and they calibrate everyday. For us folks once a month is good, that’s what I do. And all monitors go out of calibration over time no matter how great the monitor is. The calibrator has paid for itself by not wasting any more ink and photo paper, and it saved my hair from being pulled out in frustration prior.

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After all is said and done and your photo is hanging on the wall, no one is going to know or care what camera, lens, or what post processing you used. All they care about is if the image moves them.
I’m not hung up on the Bokeh fad because I’m too busy chasing shadows.

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