A5100 Upgrade Recommendations?

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Re: A5100 Upgrade Recommendations?

REDunnLev wrote:

Louno wrote:

I currently own a a5100 and I really like this small camera but it's been a few years and was wondering what could (if anything now or later?) be a good upgrade if i wanted better image quality specifically? ... I am wondering if i should go FF, as i do sometime have to crop my shots considerably... maybe i should try to get a used A7Rii with 42mp sensor ?...

Its just i have APS-C sony lenses so, not sure if that would really give me an upgrade on FF or if i'd definitively have to get also new lenses too, in which case maybe i should go with a A6xxx so i dont need to change my lenses (and save cash) but is a A6xxx really worth the upgrade in terms of IQ with the A5100... ?

If you go full frame you will be cropping more, not less because the APS-C sensor is a crop sensor. If you get the A7RII the and use it in APS-C mode you will lose megapixels (18.6 vs 24.3 on the a5100). If you get a FF camera you will have to get new lenses unless you use if in APS-C mode, which will defeat the purpose of going FF. If you use it with your current lenses you will have considerable vignetting.

I would invest in new lenses, like the new 70-350mm so you will have to crop less. I would also think that you should get great IQ from the a5100. If your only reason for upgrading is IQ not features I would focus on improving my skills and then upgrading to another APS-C camera with more features, like the a6600.

Yes the main reason is IQ... For sure I need to improve my skills but, I started doing stock photography and i'm wondering if i should switch to higher resolution in order to future proof the pictures in my portfolio, will the 24mp files of the a5100 be enough for the next 2 years, 5 years, etc? Idk... It make sense i should upgrade, but they are expensive... so, i'm not sure if i should wait. Do you think 42mp APS-C cameras will be released soon from sony?

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