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hilarious. You would obviously see the difference between a 42mpx picture and a 24mpx picture if printed high quality at 24x32, and you saw them next to each other. Especially given one has aa and the other doesn’t. It would be visible at far smaller prints under optimal circumstances.

Do you have any real evidence that the A7 3 has an AA filter. Where did you read that? Can you quote, please?

From my experience I may suppose it has not AA. Moire is present in a lot of photographs.

Aside that I've never seen the high mpx advantage. Let's be honest, where do we watch our pics? Everybody uses a screen monitor and given the actual resolution limit it is impossible to see a FULL 42 mpx image at 100% magnification on any existing screen. You may see only a PART of an image at 42 mpx resolution (the part that fills your screen only). Where is the point then? When you apply any zooming factor, the image editing program interpolates the data and no longer is full res until you reach 100% magnification.

And lately, how do we share our images? We still need to downsample images to post them in forums or wherever you want. And in the last instance the viewer's monitor bottleneck is again interpolating high mpx.

High mpx is useful if you profesionally work for highly demanding customers, stock photography, big format printing or for the sake of pixel peeping.

Well, just my humble opinion.


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