M6 mii vs EOS R for video/vlogging.

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Re: M6 mii vs EOS R for video/vlogging.

trunks28 wrote:

RLight wrote:

trunks28 wrote:

I want do both.

I was so set with M6ii but looking at used prices for eos r, and it made me reconsider.

Yeah when I had the M5, the video looked pretty bad, like smartphone like. Smartphone actually took better pictures too!

The GH5 was awesome but I sold it when heard the GH5s was coming, .. I regret it .

The GH5 is an interesting beast. If you want to do video, and don't mind the DFD AF wobble for video, it's hard to beat for professional video production in that regard. You can probably find one used for inexpensive. If you have sellers remorse, think hard about that.

However, the M6 Mark II will have MUCH stronger stills performance. If, you're a big wide angle user (sounds like you are) the 11-22 should be on your short list.

Between the two for truly a hybrid setup and you're cool with DFD AF wobble? That's a hard call.

The M6 Mark II should be one of Canon's better if not best hybrid solutions to date, but, it's not going to have sampling rate of the GH5 which is a strong contender for video. However it's not known for low-light AF (The GH5). The M6 Mark II should in all likelihood be a strong contender there.

If it were me? I'd have a hard look at your old rig if it made you happy. Seriously. New shiny things are good and well, and the M6 Mark II may surpass your GH5 in stills, but, for video? ........It's got IBIS, oversampled 10bit video. Right there the M6 Mark II is done in pro use. The GH5 destroys it. No question. This is coming from a Canon user, I'm telling you, the GH5 has it's place in video.

But, if you're not using 10bit or not editing your video footage at all, then that M6 Mark II is worth a look as it does have DPAF, it does have better colors SOOC, it does have an 11-22 with IS, it can add DIS to it, all of which are just hit the record button and the camera does it for you. I'm big on stills, I like my video, but I don't like to edit it. If I did? I'd be right there with a GH5 myself! Seriously.

Thank you thank you for being so helpful!!

liked the GH5, but like you said the focusing was not that good which got annoying. I don't think I'll go back to it. Plus it's been like a year since I sold it.

Right now I'm really leaning towards the m6ii + 11-22mm + 22mm prime.

But I'm still so tempted to go for the eos R + rf 35mm. Been looking at reviews and videos on it, and seem like a really awesome combo, which i don't think a M6ii+22mm can match.

No, it can't (the 22). RF 35mm has 5-stops of IS, that's why I still have it! Video use! Folks have compared it OIS alone vs IBIS + OIS non Canon solutions and found the RF 35 in particular, really excels. It does. Low light video king, if, it's 1080P anyways. Really really good video output in 1080P for low light / indoor use between DPAF, 5-stops IS, f/1.8, STM motor, Canon colors, multiple codec support, it delivers 1080P, with no hassles.

But the wide end of things? You either have to adapt a EF 16-35 f/4L, which adapts really well on the R (or RP), or you're looking at the M6 Mark II again.

You know I'm going to have both the M6 Mark II and I have the R, if you want me to do a comparison, and I have the time (I'm going to be busy here soon again, meaning time on DPR will drop sharply shortly), I can. I'm not big on uploading video though...

If you're asking my thought, and budget is a constraint? The M is the budget option. I'd vote M6 Mark II + 11-22. And if it doesn't work? If I don't like something, I return it. Period. I don't blink an eye. I do try to test things and research them before hand to prevent burning retailers though, but, I also have no patience for buying something with hard earned cash I don't enjoy. Just silly.

I'll be testing the 18-150 and 11-22 on the M6 Mark II indoors btw in 4K mode and seeing how it fares against my RF 35mm on R in 1080P for what it's worth. I know better than to shoot the 22 with video unless I have to. It's sole use is low-light highly compact stills option that rocks. I take it with the 18-150 where the M6 goes in case it's needed.

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