90D Video and sharpening

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Re: 90D Video and sharpening

Dragonrider wrote:

RLight wrote:

You doing clean HDMI output?

Also, be wary of both the impact of picture styles and their sharpening values, and, more importantly, the ability to harness DLO in video...

If, you haven't already, verify the lens you're shooting video with is support in your camera with a DLO profile. If not, load up the Canon camera utility and download it to your 90D. DLO corrects for a variety of lens abberation, including, diffraction which will be a big deal for video shooters that will undoubtedly be using f-stops greater than the DLA of 5.2 of the 90D. DLO to my knowledge does apply to video. I could be wrong though, but that's what I gathered from the marketing material.

Since 4k is either pixel binned or downscaled, the DLA of 5.2 for stills isn't really relevant. Sharpening is relevant and kicking all the way to 7 seems to produce the best result without post sharpening. The camera does use the same picture style for stills as video, so that could be a switching issue for someone shooting JPEGs, but I only shoot RAW, so see no issue with leaving the sharpening turned up for video. I am recording on the camera, not using HDMI out, but the codec seems pretty decent.

I set my video settings on C1 so it does not interfere with my many photo modes.

I do wish the 90D has the same video option as my RP, such as

AF-ON switches between SERVO and ONE SHOT with a single press where with the 90D I need to keep holding down the button other wise it changes back. The RP offers SERVO -AF PAUSE mapped to the AF-ON button which is extremely helpful during video.

Second option is the Manual focus bar display but I believe this is only available with RF lenses hence why 90D does not have it.

Now in the other hand the RP will not allow you to register the Video mode to one of the customs C1-3 options since it has its only mode on the dial.

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