a7R IV Auto-HDR menu missing

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Re: a7R IV Auto-HDR menu missing

I noticed this immediately when considering this camera. I am a real estate agent and it was the auto hdr functionality that got me into the Sony system in the first place. You CANNOT produce the kind of end results you see in all residential photography without producing HDR images. Sony made it easy by having hand held auto HDR to start with instead of mounting on a tripod, taking 3 bracketed shots and dumping into the likes of photomax to get started on the end result. Try doing that with 120 images on a nice home.... completely unreasonable workflow.... and so I have my trusty A77II to take my HDR images. Now, I am ready to upgrade this camera and I'm all excited to pre order the A7Riv. A quick check of the deal breaker feature in the specs and then pull out the credit card.  WHAT.... NO AUTO HDR!!! What the....

So now what......well, I could just order the A7RIII and save some money but lose some additional benefits (still an upgrade from my A77ii), or wait till October to see if the same thing happens to the A9II (and then suck it up on the price tag) or wait for other camera releases, or just keep the old camera and buy the A7Riv for my "everything other than residential real estate" photography. (another expensive decisionasI would need to keep gear that I could sell). or..... do nothing and stick with what I've got (most likely scenario)

So Sony.... whats the deal.....did this have something to do with processing 3 x 61mp images  into an HDR image being too much to handle. It will be interesting to see what happens on the A9ii which may be a clue to what Sony has planned for the future of this feature. Maybe they are dropping it completely just like they have apparently dropped my A-mount cameras making my photography life more difficult and more expensive. Not Happy and holding back my $$$ on camera #5 Sony.

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