M6 mii vs EOS R for video/vlogging.

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Re: M6 mii vs EOS R for video/vlogging.

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nnowak wrote:

Are you thinking handheld walking talking head, or stationary seated at a desk?

More walking talking head.

I would lean more toward M6 II then for a couple reasons. First, the overall package will be lighter which will be noticeable if you are handholding for any significant length of time. Second, the 4k rolling shutter on the R will turn into a wobbly mess with any significant movement.

Gordon Laing did a good youtube video demonstrating the vlogging capabilities of the M6 II


The lens based IS of the EF-S 10-18mm lens that he was using looks pretty good, but the digital IS on the M6 II is really disconcerting to watch.

He wasn't using any ef-s lenses just the kit and ef-m 11-22mm.

I'm afraid that the M6ii is limited to 22, 11-22mm and the 32mm, 2 aren't stabilize. And if i wanted to adapt the lenses then size matter anymore.

Digital IS on M50 is excellent for steady handholding, NOT walking and shooting. Thankfully there is a super compact and inexpensive crane M2 gimbal available that should work with the above three lenses better than any OIS or IBIS can dream of.

I'm so conflicted!!

Price is almost the same for

M6ii + kit lens + evf + ef-m 11-22mm

For a used EOS R + adapter + ef-s 10-18mm

For the next lens i would either get the RF 35mm or the Ef-m 22mm.  The ef-m is cheaper and smaller, but the RF would be superior.  Am i correct?

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