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karen clanin wrote:

johnchap2 wrote:

If your targets are three dimensional there are many very close focusing lenses of good quality that should work for you. A number of lenses that are advertised as macor lenses are really only close focusing and not true macro lenses.

However, if your targets are at some of the time 2 dimensional (copying documents for example) then you need what at least used to be called a flat field zoom. The few lenses that meet this standard tend to be more expensive and more rare.

My flat field macro is a Nikon 70-180. No VR which can be a problem. My run of the mill is a Nikon 28-300 which can focus as close as 1.7 ft. Not a true macro in any case, but works for the limited times I need a really close focus.

Thanks, John. Read my reply just above. While I have done documents and photo copying in the past have no reason to do so now

Husband who also purchased a D800 at the same time I did bought and sent back one Nikon 28-300 lens as there seemed to be something wrong with the focus mechanism, he just ordered another one as this lens gets great reviews. I don't do wide angle, at least have never yet and never missed not being able to which is why i went for the 70-200 2.8, I do want to also ad something more than 200mm so may opt for the 200-600.

So far the 70-200 2,8 has given me superior IQ and I can crop in close enough to satisfy my need to (fake, LOL) macro for now.

enjoy the 70-200.  I really don’t like true macro work of bugs and flowers.  However, I do use the Nikkor 105 and 60 micros for “close up” photography of — mainly flowers.  Due to its long focal length, sharpness, and great bokeh — I’ve also enjoyed using the 70200 (either g or e) for flowers.  

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