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MattPointZero wrote:

nebulla wrote:

The truth is that the digital cameras being produced today are incredibly good, and the effective difference between 24 and 51 megapixels is usually, in practice, imperceivable, unless of course you crop or zoom in to where you can only see a small fraction of the full picture.

Respectfully I don't think this is right.

I agree that a 24 mp camera takes perfectly good photos and that resolution doesn't make an average photo great. But I think a quick online search shows the R produces visibly sharper or more detailed photos that is clear to assess

That depends on how you're assessing it. If you're viewing a well-made 24"x32" print, you're unlikely to see any difference without putting your nose on the paper and possibly also using a loupe. It's kind of silly to assess detail by looking at an image 100% onscreen, because no audience to which you exhibit and sell your work is going to look at it that way.

- I think if that detail suits your work, the R is definitely worth the extra money. If your work doesn't need that detail, the 'softer' (which is how the difference manifests to me when you view comparable images side by side) then spend the extra on a lens!

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