A7iii vs A7Riii

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Re: A7iii vs A7Riii

Just Another Photog wrote:

LenRivers wrote:

Just Another Photog wrote:

There are about 50 threads on this. Do a search for your question

Why do you think I asked the question?

I don't know why you would ask a question that has had more than 50 threads already addressing it. Go to YouTube. There is likely 100 videos on the subject.

My comment was meant to be helpful, your reply was snarky. None of us can make this decision for you. You have to decide on your own. Go look at sample images of the type of photos you take. Read opinions on websites where they specialize in comparing cameras, there are tons to research without asking the same lame question that has been asked too many times.

I shot with an A7 III for a couple of weeks before I recognized I wanted the additional pixels of the A7R III. I traded it back in and did the upgrade.

I've watched customers go into a camera store looking for the best camera available. I've watched them spend $10-$20K, and leave. They typically call me for assistance on how to use the paperweight they bought when they were use to iPhone photography.

You don't need to ask this question, the answers are all over this forum and the internet in general.

You are not following the chain correctly, you just can't hit reply to the last comment since you are replying to the OP. If not I have no idea where you are coming from

Re- read this and take a careful look how you respond to threads cause it makes NO sense !

I never asked a question!!

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