Sony A7R4 Tracking Focus Problem?

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Sony A7R4 Tracking Focus Problem?

I took some photos at a park the other day and was less than happy with focus results. I had used Tracking:Center focus area based on Tony Northrup's recommendation from his Youtube settings run through on the 7R4. (He had suggested using this as your default focus area mode, using a "point the center at where you want to focus, then recompose and shoot while tracking the original focus point" method.)

So, I just did a controlled experiment. Here's a bedside photo with the 7R4 and my 100-400 lens. But, focus area is set to Wide (no tracking). The camera focused on the front of the glass bowl.

Crop of above photo, using Wide focus area:

Look at the "teeth" in the glass. Sharp and in focus.

Next, I change the focus area to Tracking:Center. I point the center square right at the front of the bowl (cropped area), then recompose the shot while holding the focus/shutter button down. The focus indicator stays on the front of the bowl ("tracks it") as expected. But, this is the result I get:

Crop of above photo, using Tracking:Center focus area:

Look at the teeth again. Not in focus, unsharp.

What's going on? I can repeat this result at will. The camera/lens is focusing on the front of the bowl always, but Wide focus area produces sharp, expected result, and any Tracking focus area mode used, focused on the front of the bowl, produces out of focus result?

Here's the kicker. If I use Wide focus area, point at the front of the bowl on the touchscreen so the camera shifts to tracking focus mode, I get a great result like the first shot.

Can anything explain this different result when using a Tracking focus area mode?

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