Sunny day walkaround comparisons - 30X travel camera vs 10X MFT vs 10X FF

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gardenersassistant wrote:

I equally value portability, ease of use and image quality. At this point my 1" sensor bridge camera best represents a good compromise.

I have wanted to try 1" for a while now but unfortunately I have not so far found a 1" camera that quite fitted my requirements.

What exactly are your requirements?

That depends on the subject matter, but let's take invertebrates as an example, which is a subject area for which I found 1" particularly attractive in principle.

I want to use an external flash and close-up lenses. That rules out travel camera format 1" cameras.

Amongst 1" bridge cameras, the most promising have been the Sony RX10xx and FZxx00. I use small apertures to maximise depth of field, so I use f/8 with 1/2.3" cameras and f/22 with micro four thirds cameras, both of which equate to f/45 on full frame for depth of field (and loss of sharpness/detail from diffraction). The minimum aperture of the FZ1000 is f/8, which is two stops short of the f/16 which is needed on 1" for f/45 full frame equivalent. This means that the maximum depth of field with the FZ1000 is only half that of the cameras I use. The FZ2x00 has a minimum aperture of f/11, which gives around 40% less depth of field than f/16 would. Since depth of field is so important to me for invertebrates, this ruled out the FZxx00 cameras.

The Sony RX10xx was ruled out on cost grounds. I still find it a very tempting proposition.

But the RX10-xx does have f/16, (albeit slightly diffraction softened -- as f/22 on m4/3 also is).

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