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QuietOC wrote:

AshleyMateoLeeRoy wrote:

I am leaning towards getting the a7iii but the a7Riii is coming down on price. Which do you recommend and what's the biggest difference in the two?

The A7III has the superior AF system (phase-detect at f/11 instead of f/8, more points, wider coverage.) The A7III has less noise at high ISO. The A7III has much better full-frame video quality.

Far superior??? Sure it has more coverage but speed wise the AF is the same. Only when it was released there was a confusion with people thinking it had the same AF as the A9.
The ISO is equivalent if you downsize to 24MP so no advantage for photo. For Video it is indeed cleaner.
Now the A7R3 has far better EVF with higher resolution and refresh rate and of course the resolution and Pixel Shift as well.

The R's are niche models. I don't like their aliasing.

Aliasing issues are rare and I shoot it ALL the time for my work. But the amount of detail and cropping capabilities of the R3 are far superior but you fail to mention that.

The RIII was a small update to the RII:

WOW this couldnt be farther from the truth. The R3 was a HUGE upgrade from the R2:

5FPS shooting vs 10FPS shooting on the R3

MUCH better AF system wich also works much better for adapted lenses than the R2

There was a small increase in IQ (I had both and tested this)

Pixel Shift

Dual Cards

Bigger battery

Better FF 4k video quality

Much better tracking with Eye AF (and no need for holding a button). It also works at a farther distance and at lower light levels.

Much bigger buffer and more importantly UHS-ii card support that allows you to keep shooting much longer where the R2 will freeze trying to review photos.

Better placement of video record button

USB Type-C and Flash Sync ports
My Menu options in the menu

Higher Res EVF

Touch LCD
The camera is a lot quicker to react where the R2 felt sluggish at times.

Not exactly what I would call "small update"

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