purple hair and skin?

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Re: purple hair and skin?

Cariboo wrote:

Looks "normal" on my eyeball calibrated laptop (not device calibrated). I don't really see "purple" but a tiny shade of blue in the hair nor yellow in the hair, other than maybe a touch from what looks like sun reflected highlights.

Is your monitor calibrated? What color spaces are you working & viewing in

What was around the subject? Looks like it was taken in the shade, so that could explain adding blue tones as shade has a cooler color temperature, but was there also a nearby wall or ???? that was purplish, to reflect some of that tone? Ambient tones & colors will certainly impact subjects.

Yes it was taken in shade, but there was no purple or blue around the area. I just posted the photo, and the face and to me haor looks more purple as whe i tried lowering saturation the purple went from the face a litte bit.

Also, was this a raw file or an out of the camera jpeg? What was the white balance used by either the camera or in your processing software? Try a different white balance as a starting point.

Unfortunately, i had it in jpeg, so i dont have as much info

Was this image over or underexposed originally? What does the histogram look like?

It was a underexposed as through i was shooting raw. The histogram screenshot is attached.

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