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Re: Canon FD 200/f4.0

I have an immaculate “like out of the box” condition FD 200/4.0 which I bought form Japan -  it cost me more than US$16 but was not really that expensive by my buy-standards or I would remember how much it cost.

I presume that the FL 200/4.5 is a direct ancestor and as such will have the same compromises made by the need for compact form-factor.

The FD/FL200/2.8 gets enough stick for not being “perfect” but I don’t mind it and the same goes for the FL/FD 200 as well.  I think that it must be one of the better slow 200’s and in my opinion a tad better than the Takumar 200/5.6.

I can see no problems in accepting a slight fall off in precise performance (whatever that might be) for the advantage of compact size and reach - otherwise these lenses would never have been sold in the first place

Lest I be seen as a bit of a bottom feeder - I do have an EF 200/2.0 for feast days and holidays - but it is surely far too large for general carry-around duties.  In fact a good way to make new friends is to put the 200/2.0 on any camera body and go for a walk with it.  Most people will pass the enthusiastic digital shooter with hardly a glance or comment but with the EF 200/2.0 “everybody” wants to stop and have a chat about it - most of them think it works over the horizon and end up disappointed if they know enough to realise that a “200” is not that long a lens by today’s standards.  But if you wish to be an instant celebrity then the EF 200/2.0 if just on the heavy side of hand holdable but don’t make it too long a walk unless you are feeling fit ....  The FD 200/4.0 is a lens that suits a long walk much better ....

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