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Re: Newbie off camera flash advice

Thank you both for the replies.

I'm from the UK so don't have Adorama or B&H..  The umbreallas don't seem too expensive.  A Westcott 43" is available for £36 from amazon - with some other brands as cheap as £6.  I guess the very cheap ones probably won't be very durable but are probably similar in terms of quality of light.

Definitely makes sense to pick up an umbrella for the price, portability and easy setup.  The softboxes I was looking at were all umbrella style for this reason but I guess they are still a bit more faff than an umbrella.

I want to keep it simple with a single light source and use a reflector to fill in shadows where needed.  There are packs of collapsible reflectors for less than £15.  Not sure how these compare to the foamcore boards but there doesn't seem to be much difference in terms of price.

An X Pro trigger is £60 - I was considering this more of a luxury.  For an extra £36 I could get the TT685 flash and use my existing flash as a trigger.  Guessing the ergonomics is better with the dedicated trigger but I was thinking it might be better to invest in a more powerful flash (I could be wrong about the need for a dedicated trigger though). I then started looking at the AD200 - could be overkill for me but seems like it would be more suited for use with modifiers - with the bare bulb option and extra power.

Sailor Blue - I'd seen the Joe Brady links from another of your posts on this forum.  Very useful - bookmarked and will be watching more of his stuff.  Knowledge/Experience > gear

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