M6 mii vs EOS R for video/vlogging.

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Re: M6 mii vs EOS R for video/vlogging.

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Why not 90D then? If you plan to use EF lenses, or EF-S lenses, you get a fully articulating screen, mic and headphone jack and hotshoe.

CPW has it for $1099, new.

Or I'll second others and say M50 for 1080 use.

Well the eos R I can use RF lenses, which is a nice option down the road.

The m50 has massive 4k crop, and it seem like the M6mii and the EOS R has better DPAF.

Truth told, even though I've got the M6 Mark II on preorder, and own the R, I can tell already with the rolling shutter, even though class leading on the M6 Mark II, I may, end up shooting 1080 myself. I'm a stills shooter first. Video second.

In that regard, the EOS R, in 1080P, is magnificent. I keep the RF 35 around even though it directly overlaps with the RF 28-70 f/2L I have for either super-portable low-light / low profile (the RF 28-70 f/2L is high profile / you get noticed whether you want to or not with it) or video use. The RF 28-70 f/2L doesn't have IS, and you want the 5-stops of IS on the RF 35 for excellent video.

If you don't need 4K, it comes down to the R is "the" system for low-light / bokeh and the M is for highly portable, doesn't stink.

The 1080 on the R is awesome. Between DPAF, 5-stops of IS with the RF 35, STM motors, not just Canon colors, but EOS R colors (very true to life, even though not as vivid as former Canon colors), fully articulating screen, and low light potential in a small-er package? Yeah.

The R isn't so good for things further away though. I had a EF 70-300 IS II, which ironically I re-bought for the M6 Mark II; the M6 Mark II is going to pair well with the 11-22, 15-45 and 18-150 for video. And, 28 macro if you plan to do macro video.

Follow the glass you need. If you need low light / bokeh? Go R. If you need ultra wide or reach? Go M.

FYI, rolling shutter on EOS R in 4k is insane. If you are happy with line skipping 1080p results, good for you. The quality of 1080p footage is very good for close ups but falls apart on wide scenes. 4k footage from my iPhone 8 plus is significantly higher quality except low light. I’m convinced that the only way to get good 1080p from high MP bodies is to down-covert from 4k - the difference is dramatic, details and especially colors are most obvious. EOS R does have one advantage in that regard - it has 1080p crop mode in which the camera shoots 4k and down-convert on the fly to 1080p. We are comparing apples and oranges though, EOS R is more than double the price of m6ii and RF lenses are more expensive too. If we are looking for best value 1080p vlogging tool - I’d say M50 hands down.

Thanks for the great feedback.

I'm not really looking for the best value, I've eaten enough cup-a-noodles to save up for a decent budget lol.

I didn't realize that the 4k video of the EOS R is that bad..seriously?an iPhone can beat it?!!

No, I meant 4k on iPhone beats 1080p on EOS R in good light.

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