SD card speed test surprise

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SD card speed test surprise


I've collected a few 64mb SD cards these last couple of years and today I decided to speed test them on Linux using the benchmark feature on gnome-disk-utility 3.28.3.

I proceded by running two tests of 100 read and write cycles on each card. One test with file sizes 10mb, the other with file sizes 50mb.

To my surprise, it's the least well-specified card that pulled out the best results (like most people I'm interested in write speeds)!

1. Sandisk Ultra ("48mb" sticker edition)

- 10MB file: Write 36,2 / Read 47,3

- 50MB file: Write 36,5 / Read 44,9

2. Sandisk Ultra ("80mb" sticker edition)

- 10MB file: Write 26,3 / Read: 88,9

- 50MB file: Write 25,7 / Read 90

3. Kingston SDA3 (sticker claims 90mb/s read and 80mb/s write)

- 10MB file: Write 13,8 / Read 88,4

- 50MB file: Write 37,5 / Read 88,7

I'm obviously very disappointed by the Kingston which is the only card I actually bought seperately.

What to say? Is it that SD cards might not all be created to spec? Do I have one very good card and two lemons? Or is it down to the stress they've been put through since purchase?

Do chip in if you have any observations, cheers!

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