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FingerPainter wrote:

bayareaphoto wrote:

Thanks for the reply, it is appreciated.

Since some reasonable people, like yourself and mostlyboringphotog, have entered the conversation, I am returning to it. It seems at least the two of you are interested in uncovering the reason for the discrepancy (rather than sweeping it under the rug and attacking the messenger).

My answer to your question

"bayarea observed a discrepancy and chose to believe one of the two divergent sources. He didn't give a reason for his choice. I asked him why he made that choice"

is that I was lead to believe - by multiple quotations from variety of people on this board - that Bill Claff's PDR measurement is based on some accepted open methodology.

"Accepted"? I don't know anybody else using it to regularly publish the same sort of information. I have seen criticism from people with technical knowledge in the area who question its meaningfulness. I, however, do not have the technical knowledge to claim it is fundamentally flawed. I have found it a useful source of information and I use Bill's site as a reference more often than any other site except perhaps DxOMark.

DxO's scores are wrapped in mystery but their their measurement methodology seems to be as well documented as Bill's. I ignore the scores and look at the data. I also ignore DPR roll-up scores. I've found more apparent errors in DxO data than in Bill's but DxO has way more data, so more errors are to be expected. I've seen a lot more criticism of DxO than of PhotonstoPhotos, but the vast majority of the criticism of DxO seems to have been made in ignorance and/or motivated by butthurt brand fanbois.

Not being an expert in this field, I did not attempt to verify whether such claim was correct. I admit that I failed to validate whether these references were based in reality rather than being motivated by a version of network effect. I have also read people say that the Dpreview was not shot in constant lighting conditions, which would definitely affect the observed results.

There is criticsm of all rating and testing sites. I've never seen a credible claim in this regard. I consider DPRs mehodoolgy to be reasonably consistent. More useful than, say, Imaging Resources.

Dude, give it a rest!!!

You act like you work for them. 
their methodology is suspect, their conclusions are suspect, their testing has been called click-bait, and you continue to defend them.

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