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Re: Z DXOmark score question

FingerPainter wrote:

NexLupus wrote:

FingerPainter wrote:

NexLupus wrote:

As was pointed out by others, the only true way to test a lens is by putting it on a bench tester like Roger Cicala does.

Funny enough, he does not have great things to say about DXOmark’ methodology.

I'm always intreseted in what Roger has to say. Can you give us a link to Roger saying something disparaging about DxO's lens measurements?

Look it up yourself, I have already explained my position about their lack of methodology. The way you are defending them you would think you work for them.

When I look it up myself I see that you have grossly misrepresented Cicala's view of the usefulness of DxO methodology.. He actually uses the data himself "constantly". The only criticisms he has of DxO's approach is for the uselessness of their roll-up scores, and the lack of multiple sample testing. I share those two concerns, However it is important to understand that the real value in DxO tests is in their measurements, not in their editorial content. I'd suggest that if you carefully read his article about lens tests and reviews that you'd see he expresses a lot less concern about DxO analytics than he does about the sort of site you seem to prefer.

Give it rest FingerPainter

I said from the beginning that their testing methodology was suspect and was not repeatable!

I also said that a lens test that has multiple (3,4) results and scores is not a lens test.

I said that the only real lens testing sites are those like Lensrentals that actually uses a bench tester and Cameralabs that actually shoot the images side by side and you can see the results against the reviewers conclusions.

And I did say that Roger Cicala has been critical of DXOMark and his statement below proves this. (Thank you Roger!! You do a great service for all of us!!).

FingerPainter, don’t try to put words that I did not say. All I said was accurate. Don’t try making it a NexLupus said this about Roger, when I have nothing but respect for his methodology, his efforts and his opinion.

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