Olympus working on 500mm lens

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Re: Olympus working on 500mm lens

Scottelly wrote:

Kiwisnap wrote:

Interesting from a general point of view, but it is hard to think of an occasion when I would actually require such a thing.

I would prefer a 7mm FF equivalent - so 3.5mm in M43 terms, at f1.2.

7mm full-frame? That doesn't exist and the few 8mm full-frame lenses are actually circular fisheyes, and they don't even come close to f1.2. Oh, wait, there is the Sigma 4.4mm f2.8 fisheye. I guess Sigma could make a 3.5mm f2.8 in m4/3 mount. That would at least give you a great lens for shooting wide-field starscapes.

Have you tried this 4mm f2.8?


That is exactly what I would want it for.

No. Is it weather sealed? I will have a look and see if anyone sells them in NZ.

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