Which File format is best for lossless compression from RAW

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Which File format is best for lossless compression from RAW

I am looking the best file format which is commonly used by most of the photo viewer and on social media e.g. JPG and PNG

PNG is a lossless compression and popularly supported.

I heard that HEIF is free by MPEG but when containing images and image sequences encoded in a particular format (e.g., HEVC or H.264/AVC) its use becomes subject to the licensing of patents on the coding format.

I think HEIF is not adopted by everyone so don't know about that ?

BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is also based on HEVC but don't know if it is subject to licensing of patents on the coding format.

Same for this I think BPG is not adopted widely and can't say about that ?

Don't know about BAT, PPM, PGM, PBM, PNM, and WebP.

Images can be also be losslessly compressed and save to PDF.

And maybe A1 for is also used for Image File Format.

I read from : Click Here

So do I conclude that to get a Lossless high compress (least size image) from RAW are TIFF and PNG which are also widely recognize/adopted by most of the people in the world?

and in JPG also there is an option for lossless compression but it will lose transparency and other artifacts.

Or is there any file format better than PNG or TIFF which is widely recognize/adopted by most of the people.

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Also for my quest for Video is same which one compression codec and the container are best.

e.g. x265 - H.265 or AV1 and which container is best .mp4 or .webm, .mkv or anything else

My purpose is same : should be widely accepted (popular/supported by most of the viewer), best in lossless compression to outcome with least size.

PNG support max 24 bit

TIFF or TIF support max 48 bit

HEIF support max 16 bit

PDF I think support max 32 bit

more on how much bit what file format support

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