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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

Photodog2 wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

Does she have access to facilities to develop and print film? Sending the film out to be developed and scanned defeats some of the purpose of shooting film.

When you scan film you end up having to deal with the limits of both digital and film, and you lose some of the grain in the conversion process (unless you scan at a ridiculously high resolution).

She lives in a university area and is a student so she might have access. I am guessing that the images will end up in Instagram and will be viewed on smartphones so at that point, just about anything will look good and it will be up to her composition skills. But yes, film grain is a quality that makes film special so I might have to talk to her about adding it back by PP on the scans although I have no experience doing that myself.

As I understand it she is perfectly happy with using her phone for everyday photography (with instant results) that she can post anywhere - and I assume that she'll continue that way.

As a separate thing she has expressed interest in the idea of film photography. At the moment she probably hasn't registered that there are two aspects to this: (1) the mechanics of metering and exposing the film and (2) developing the film into a viewable picture.

She can get (1) from the camera you propose to give her and can get viewable pictures by getting the processing (and, if wanted, the scanning) done by an external agency. That could turn out to be all she needs or wants.

If it isn't, she can move on to the processing stage (2) later. Or, as an intermediate step, she could get the film (and prints) done externally but do the digital processing herself. Note that once the film has been scanned PP is just the same as starting from a digital camera.

However she works with film, I suspect that it will be the process that is most important; what she does with the output will be incidental. Obviously, if she generates good pictures she'll want to use them - but she'll still haven the phone for most of her photography.

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