Product photo with crisp green grass background

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Re: Product photo with crisp green grass background

For a picture like this, you want total control of light and exposure.

Since you're outdoors, that means that to control the light, you need to find it, manipulated it or wait for it to happen. Your target photo was shot on an overcast day or in the shade, while you shot yours in bright sunlight.

You can tell by two things: your shadows are hard and distinct, the target has very soft transitions from light to shade, and second: the exposure of your target photo is made with a wider aperture and a longer exposure time, giving about twenty times more light on the sensor, which means that the target was lit by twenty times less light.

(f/2.8 vs f/9 is 4.3 stops and 1/250 s is one stop brighter than 1/500 s)

Using Exposure Compensation or overriding meter reading using manual exposure and manual ISO can determine how bright your picture is overall, but the contrast in lightness between the grass and the mat depends on the angle of light and the differences in colour.

In DPP you can change contrast and colour saturation, but I don't think you can manipulate the picture sufficiently.

To get a shallow DoF similar to your taget, you will need a lens with a wider aperture, llike f/2 or f/1.8 for your 35 mm focal length. You'll also need to change your point of view, so the subject is less parallel to the sensor plane.

Good luck and good light.

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