Prime as first lens for a beginner

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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

Photodog2 wrote:

I am about to send my college age niece an Olympus OM for her first real camera. As is common for her age group, she has not used anything other than a phone for photography.

Now, the OM is a beautiful, to my eyes the most beautiful, camera ever so I am tempted to put a small 50 or 28mm prime lens on it to send her as a package. However, I learned photography with a zoom lens many years ago and I suspect most people did likewise. I wonder if she will just get frustrated and might be disappointed if her first lens is a prime.

Anyone here whose first beginners camera lens was a prime instead of a zoom? Any thoughts or advice welcome.

I hope you choose an OM-D instead. With a zoom lens. Primes will come later if at all.
Trying to get a newbie shoot 135 film with a camera that only has one lens will not work.
OM-10 was in no way a remarkable Maitani camera. (OM comes from Olympus-Maitani). It dates from 1979. Forty-year-old electronics are not known for their reliability.
I have shot film since I was a kid and I am doing it again because I feel like it.
That's a different story. Leica M6!

I am afraid that your well-intended gift will not be used much after the first roll.

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