This month with your Nikon 1 - August 2019

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Re: This month with your Nikon 1 - August 2019

Tord S Eriksson wrote:

Cubits wrote:

With a bit of finessing i'm getting the moon sharper with the dx 70-300, but now need to play with blending exposures to pull up surrounding star details and foreground elements.

I need to get an app which shows the moon's path to get set up properly.

It is not an easy subject to get that perfect!

Did you use a tripod and tracker?!

No need for a tracker for the moon, that's a 1/400s exposure at base ISO. I just used a very cheap tripod, electronic shutter, and a remote trigger to kill as much vibration as possible. With such a quick exposure it's pretty easy to bash out a big set of pictures to stack for more detail.

These deep crescent moons usually look the most detailed because of the big crater shadows. Full moons are cool, but the detail is all in the surface materials which tends to require a better camera/lens to exploit.

I had to pull a bunch of CA off of this image, but that's part of why this kit tele is so cheap.

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