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xmeda wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

Their is nothing in the back shape of the camera that warrants that divot, in fact the divot would be counter productive from a strength point of view. Their is nothing stopping that corner from being absolutely flush just like all 3 other corners. No I don't believe its too small, however I do believe it would be harder to move with gloves on. They could implement a push-in latch release mechanism to string the screen out and then allow it to be movable.

I stand firm on my claim that the screen is articulating like the K-1 but designed to be thin and flush with the rest of the body when not being articulated. Nothing anyone has tried to offer has been in any way convincing as to why the divot is their!

No it is not articulating screen. Deal with it. Not on the depicted body. What the final version would be only Ricoh engineers know. But all we can see now is fixed rear screen.

And you are wrong. The right top side of display also shows same transition from flat display to curved bump with buttons.

I could make some wise crack about you vision but I figured I'd make it easier for you to see how wrong you are.

Just which of these corners has the same *divot* as the bottom right???????

Since there is only one corner with that divot/indentation/gap/fingernail grabber you come up with a name for it... why is it there????????? if not for access to an articulating screen!!!!!!!!!!! cleverly made very thin so as not to affect the aesthetic of the camera body and to not make it larger than it needs to be. what you see there is an ultra-thin bordered screen with articulating legs like the K-1 behind it!

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