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Re: Prime as first lens for a beginner

Photodog2 wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

Does she have access to facilities to develop and print film? Sending the film out to be developed and scanned defeats some of the purpose of shooting film.

When you scan film you end up having to deal with the limits of both digital and film, and you lose some of the grain in the conversion process (unless you scan at a ridiculously high resolution).

She lives in a university area and is a student so she might have access. I am guessing that the images will end up in Instagram and will be viewed on smartphones so at that point, just about anything will look good and it will be up to her composition skills. But yes, film grain is a quality that makes film special so I might have to talk to her about adding it back by PP on the scans although I have no experience doing that myself.

Shooting on film for Instagram is quite a challenge.   It sorta takes the "insta" out of Instagram.

She will have a hard time getting grain to be visible on a small Instagram image.  If your goal is to move her from smart phone photography to something more interesting, I would start with a digital Interchangeable lens camera.  I think by jumping straight to manual film cameras, that require developing and scanning, you may end up convincing her that smartphones make the best cameras.

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