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but the A7Riii is also a hi res sensor and scores higher

As I mentioned before, DXOmark is completely crazy with their measurements.

To give you an example; the Sigma 35 1.4 Art has 3 different scores on Canon mount, Sony mount and Nikon mount. Because they are conflating the cameras resolution with the performance of the lens, even though it’s the same lens. Absolutely ridiculous way to test and score a lens.

This shows you that their testing methodology (lenses in this example) has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Since you seem not to understand why reporting different values for a lens on different bodies makes perfect sense, you aren't in a position to make useful observations about the validity or utility of DxO tests.

If you want a single score of a lens' performance, you need to test it on an optical bench, like lensrentals does, not on one or more cameras. However, if you want to know how a lens performs on a particular sensor size and resolution, you have to test it on that sensor.

Knowing how sharp a lens is on its own is not much use if you don't underrstand how it performs on the sensors available to it. For example, most MFT lenses are sharper than equivalent lenses for FF, but many of those FF lenses mounted on typical FF sensors produce a sharper image than the MFT lens on a typical MFT body.

If it is a lens test, the score should be consistent across the board.

Dxo's test are not lens tests. Any test that measure the sharpness of a digital image is not a lens test. these are test sof the combination of a lens and a sesnor.

A Sigma Art lens should not have 3-4 different scores, because it is then not a lens test but a resolution test based on the camera.

... and the lens,

If you are drawing conclusions based on an image made by a lens and a sensor, then you must take into account that the sensor has had an impact on that resolution.

You are correct that the only way to test a lens properly is to do it on an optical bench tester.

This is not what they do, so can not be called a lens test, and your comment about knowing how good the lens is on it’s own is precisely what you want to know as bodies change and get upgraded, but lenses one keeps.

What I want to know is what performance I'll get on the body I will be using.

Then DXOmark is the site for you... as long as you know that it’s not a true test, then you should be OK

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