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Re: No Mirror!

Mike Arledge wrote:

MightyMike wrote:

From one of the pictures it looks like its missing the mirror altogether

Its basically a cross between the K-01/K-1 and K-3 and it appears the only thing they did wrong was not including an articulating screen. I bet its got one of those Sony 400 some odd phase detection point sensors in it.

All that would be terrific, here’s to hoping!

It's a classic dslr!!

With classical mirror box and a classical finder and an overlay display.

The K-1 was the first Pentax with an overlay display.

Used to show the af points.

The chance that we will see a new type, with optical and digital mix finder is realistic.

But I don't believe it in this model.

Maybe next month more about this.

Maybe Pentax will also show the couple of different bodies of the development.

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