8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

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Re: 8 Bit or 16 bit , sRGB or Pro Photo

Ken60 wrote:

In conversation with Mr Rodney ( via type) his admission of not being familiar with more recent printers and drivers is possibly indication that with the latest kit it might just be turning the corner . What a pity he was driven from these parts for overzealous behavior ........... he could participate.

Yes, what a pity. If only he were here to straighten us out. Personally, I think pixelgenius has it exactly right when he writes:

Is there any benefit to sending more than 8-bits per color after editing in 16-bit to the printer. The answer has been and continues to be: No.

Maybe you could get back in touch with Mr. Rodney and post his answer to pixelgenius' rather definitive assertion above. That could make for an interesting dialogue. 

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